Crawling sensations and conjunctions moods sometimes pleasant and others less so. It is precisely this last mind that transits the spirit of the pineapple marenses.Por contrast, advenimento of these pages which aims to reflect the history, culture, progress and development a city somehow joins the responsibility for a mission to generate PINAMAR definitely in road to success. The pinamarenses, and those who are not and Even tourists who legitimately express and express their sense of belonging the city, represent the stamp, a stamp, the guarantee, that make a tourist destination, ours, a brand that holds dear, affection, landscape, quality, service, real tools to shape a product loved by Argentines and seductive to those arriving from elsewhere. PINAMAR exerts attraction. Gusta and impacts From the moment he is elected to visit. Quality of care and service excellence. As a seal counsel an PINAMAR of all. Fraternal hugs and open throughout the year. These concepts are therefore sincere and united message to the recognition of a work that will allow displaying the values of the favorite city of thousands of Argentines, but also show the pride and generous quality of its inhabitants.