PINAMAR IS COMING TO, TO RECOVER SOME OF CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS AND IN PARTICULAR, THE OCEAN, ALWAYS equal to itself. SEE THE SEA IN THE SUMMER NIGHTS, unpredictable, and enjoy the sound of waves SILENT, the strokes of the foam under the moon and the raging sea in the storm. That's where you feel a grain of sand VERSUS The magnificence of creation, to the grandeur of God. Of the total night, without moon or stars, not seen, however much one I looked, the boundary separating LAND SEA AND THE SKY. Intuit SOLEDAD IS ONLY OPEN AND EMPTY, BUT you see the white lines left by FOAM AND AGAIN THE ACCOMPANYING THE RUMOR IMMENSITY Like some music with only melody, ALWAYS equal to itself. FRESH AIR AND SALT BRINGS A TASTE FOR LIPS known since ancient times. HIDDEN OCEAN send their signals. DISCOVER THE FULL MOON SPELL ROAD PLATAQUE undulates AL COMPAS DEL FLOW OF THE WAVES. IS A WAY THAT TURNS ON THE OCEAN, THE BEACH, THE couple walking, holding, DISCOVERING YOUR OWN WORLD.And the desire of the UNE, UNDER BEAM, and that night reverberated persist in the BEYOND RECALL the agony of love. Tact DRAW WITH LIGHT CONTOUR OF CHAIRS TO LEAVE THE LOVERS-only evidence of their passage through the sandy shore. Blinking LIGHT the puddles left their mark only an instant before BE DELETED FOR WATER, that shines here and there. Sprinkled with light, shade LONGER FOR CARP ON SOME OTHER, THE LINE OF LEAST APPEARS WHITE breakers and the ephemeral ESPLANDOR HAVE, HOWEVER, THE TOUGH OF ETERNITY. THE SOUND OF THUNDER, YOU HAPPENS, SOMETHING distance in time, lightning SHOWING A CONGLOMERATE OF CLOUDS violet, yellow and green CAVE IN YOUR CIRCLE OF VIOLENCE SEEM Shadow of hell UNKNOWN. THE WIND STOPS ON THE WAVES raging with such fury that YESTERDAY TO DRAG THE COLORFUL AND THE BEACHES careful construction, climbs up the walls of rocks, UNDERMINES, crush, destroy, INVADE AND FLOODING. AGONIZA AND LAND TO THE FURY OF THE GIANT WAVES and uncontrollable. THE THUNDER FIRE beat time advancing from the ocean and is cornered BEINGS ON THE CORNER OF HIS DISGRACE, unarmed. THE STORM LEAVES saw the power, the magnificence of the Creator, PRESENT IN ALL THINGS, IN OURSELVES THAT WE ARE PART YOU and fall dazzling and MISERABLES AT THE SAME TIME, BEFORE the majesty of creation, unchanging and inaccessible, OUT OF TIME, UNCHANGEABLE SPACE OF THE CREATOR.