Galleries of art, works of theatre, lounges of exhibition, museums, walks of buys, of craftsmen, concerts and festivals, recitals, are some of the offers that Pinamar offers the lovers of the art and the culture. 
  It is the case of the Gallery " Today in the Art ", poseedora of a path of more than thirty years in the Argentine Art and in Pinamar, offers at present the highest level as for schools, formations and plastic styles. For this motive, it(he,she) encourages the tourist who visits us giving to knowing, so much the painting of the Big Teachers, as that of the Young Artists. At the same time he(she) foments the development and exhibition of sculptures, drawings, engraving, serigrafías and art applied to the jewel, tanro of national like local artists.

The Municipal Room of Exhibitions is the public area where there are exposed works of our artists local like like that also a set of representative works of the high level reached by the pictorial patrimonial collection. The above mentioned room works in the land of the Municipal Theatre of the Tower. 

Pinamar one possesses(relies on) also the Casa Víctor Magariós, where it is possible to to estimate the work of the plastic artist, beside being able to enjoy other temporary exhibitions and musical events.

 The same thing happens in the Gallery " Art Alters ", acts of the recognized one arq. Clorindo It(He,She) Tests, with his(its,her) samples and concerts of classic music. 

And between(among) other options, our Party(Game) tells also with his(its) history demonstrated across the photographic files exposed in the Historical Museum of Pinamar's party(game), that today Manuel Belgrano works in the Popular Library.

Municipal room of Exhibitions - Theatre of the Tower         Av. Constitution 687 - Tel - 49-1678      

 Gallery Today in the ArT
 Of the Arts and Av. Liberator(liberating)                         Edif. Cafi III Place 7 and 8
 Tel: (02254 49-5480) 

Historical museum of Pinamar's party(game) (Popular Library Manuel Belgrano)                                                            Of the Jellyfish 1230 - PIN Tel: (02254 48-5555)

 Museum marries Víctor Magariños D. Liberator between(among) Picaflores and Odyssey - Pinamar Tel. 48 86 23 Tel. Bs Seize. 011-4304 2764