Activities: Foundation dedicated tasks liver disease, also supports other organizations and NGOs such as Hepatitis 2000 and Pligg 
Fundación HCV Sin Fronteras is a venture united nonprofit that works from the city of Pinamar (Argentina). The tasks are prevention and liver disease information and support to sick people and their families. The foundation is made up of people who live with viral hepatitis, including our families, friends and volunteers. We share in speaking countries, and our funding comes from voluntary contributions from people who want to strengthen our projects and trabajosIntereses: Develop tasks solidariasPelículas Favorite: Best of miLibros Favorites: Manual guide for self-help groups for people living with viral hepatitis AIDS or HIV coinfection - performed by HCV FronterasCitas Favorite Sin: We live with a hepatitis virus, but our lives do not handling the hepatitis - Gerardo V. OAcerca me: Volunteers HCV Sin Fronteras 
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Email: Phone :02254-current 403750Ciudad: Ostende, Pinamar, ArgentinaWindows Live: radiohc2000@gmail.comSitio site: 
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   Company: Fundación HCV Sin FronterasPuesto: VoluntariosPeríodo time: April 2000 - actualidadLugar: Pinamar, ArgentinaDescripción: Volunteers HCVSF - solidarity work against viral hepatitis in risk groups 
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