PINAMAR unit opened a public tradition in the decade of the '60s, when PINAMAR SA make a donation to a school that he built, in addition to the supply of the Province of Buenos Aires in health and education. It is since then that develops in the last 50 years a municipal education careterized by their wide range in the levels facing them and their contribution to the structur provincial linking the different levels with a complete system, except the universi ty.Begins in kindergarten and ends at colleges. Today, with 17 municipal and private services is an important educational offering in our party. Contains 5 pre-schools, 6 schools elementary, 4 junior high schools and techniques, 2 private institutions.

Please note that the PINAMAR PREFIX (02254) SCHOOL OF EDUCATION TECNICA N ° 1 48-0344 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION MEDIA No. 1 48-3300 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION MEDIA No. 201 40-1266 School No. 1 48-2699 SCHOOL No. 3 48-4700 School No. 4 49-4955 School No. 548-3111 SCHOOL No. 501 48-5500 HIGH SCHOOL BASIC No. 1 40-8884 HIGH SCHOOL BASIC No. 2 49-6955 GARDEN OF INFANTS No. 901 48-2617 GARDEN OF INFANTS No. 902 48-4500 GARDEN OF INFANTS No. 903 48-6300 GARDEN OF INFANTS No. 904 48-5200 GARDEN OF INFANTS No. 905 48-9666